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The reason that he is a huge threat for the U.S. First of all This country does not believe in communism which he does Marxism is part of communism something he really believes in. Partly in my opinion people were pretty much idiots in voting for him and not knowing his background or his fundamental believes. Marxism is something that i believe wont work for the reason that many people have different ideas and want to have there own freedom, we do not want to be like Cuba or Chile. People just voted only because he was African American and people believed there was going to be change but in reality there is going to be change but for the worse, and that whole Universal Health Plan bill has to many flaws and i believe that it was not going to work out ! I am not saying that Mc Cain would of been a good President but in my opinion i believe none of the candidates that ran for president would of been best fit for the job 

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seriously has anyone really thought through anything before they make accusations such as this? Hmmm lets go back to the year 1934, social security was enacted, a social program that would guarantee that those who each the age of 65 would have some money to help them in there retirement. Was President Roosevelt a communist? Workman's Comp, coverage for those who get hurt on the job, is that communism?

As for the change, look into the Rupublican Congress and what they voted against in President Obama's first term. I will give you a hint. Congress voted against 6 jobs bills, and attached to that was there pay. Well needless to say Congress said what did we just do?

People say Obama is dangerous because they either heard about it or read it in some right winged paper. Instead of looking into what these jobs bills were mean to do. We could go on and on but all we will be doing is go in circles.

Judge for yourself instead if listening to maniacs like Rush and Fixed News

Absolutely.. President Obama is the best thing that's happened to this country since President Clinton.. The author needs to come out of the Faux bubble, stop listening to idiots like Rush, and see things for how they really are...

Well a thallus true communism that Karl Marx wanted to start is smart. Russia is not a true communist country. Marx believed "from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs." So if you were sick go to the hospital no cost, if you are a carpenter help build the cities. No Monet would ever be needed.

you mean fixed news? its ok if you like tabloid news, there philophy is if you can't find the truth, make up your own like Bill oreily also known as Billo the clown. What blows my mind was the screw ball oxicontebnt king is still bashing the health care by saying there is a death squad when even the right wing took back what was said. Like it or not, its about time the insurance comapnies gave back what they took from the working families and overcharged premieums who can't afford to put food on the table. there is a huge list of things that people are not aware of that went on durring the Busch erra and no its not about him any more but he did leave a huge gap in the economy and a huge scar on those who lost there jobs.

No thank god he isn't our problem any more, but the remnents of what he did still remains. Poeple want a quick fix now and its not going to happen that fast. The knot is tied tight in congress and to reverse some of the things that he pushed durring his 8 years in office is going to take some time.<br />
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What suprises me is the comments of Obama beinga communist is so far rweaching, look back in the 40s when Rosevelt passed a monumental bill for the elderley, SSI and Medicare. People said the same thing about him being a communist or as socialist.

Like it or not, Bush isn't our problem anymore.<br />
<br />
Our problem is every OTHER republican *******!!

Sure just lean more to the right and find a person like busch a do nothing president who spent $750 billion of surplus money in the 1st year and got us into a mess in Iraq which is deemed invasion without provercation by the UN Deligates. so is really at fault for where we are right now? Or do you want to see your family members lose everything for what Busch did. Think about what is being said before agreeing because there is two sides of the coin here

yeah its nice when everyone else was blinded by the right wing who only cared about the bankers and investers and screw the working people. Heaven for bid on should be told the truth about what went on those 8 years while Junior was playing President and also screwing around with peoples lives hen the UN Inspector told him there were no WMD is Iraq, yet he still sent them to there deaths any ways for the oil

Well China seems to be the biggest mec economically, when you start pointing fingers and calling the kettle black, bussch senior pretty much is a comunist or marxist and so is junior for givong out rebate checks which was a huge slap in the face when the big wig money mongers were getting millions off the backs of the working family, let it trickel down to the no bodies, thats rich.<br />
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What people don't like and it was predited that people would come out in droves and lye about this new pressident because he is black and these idiots that think he isn't a natural citizen needs to check there back ground and see where there families came from illegally.<br />
So before you say one more thing about what this pressident is doing, talk about the mess Jr got us in and how close we were in falling down on our knees, nice to know people think Busch the do nothing pressident was the greatest. Iraq another one, invasion with out provercation, ground for war crimes, 3000 dead for what? nothng but a Lie. It was stretigically erresponsible in the first place and no exit. His own daddy told him it was wrong to go in, he had to go by his gut what instincts? thi guy couldn't ride a bicycle streight without hitting bushs

communism has been proved wrong in many different country's many people that live under communism flee because they to want to have the same freedom as the United states citizens do. Communism isnt always the brightest idea because not everyone has the same believe or want to do the same thing as others would want to do. Communism can have a good economy because the people dont have another choice but to listen to the government. For example North Korea is the well known place of communism. People die for unfair reasons and i believe that it is ignorance. People can have different ideas but i know communism is not wonderland!

Because I LOVE AMERICA and want AMERICA to succeed, unlike YOU!<br />
Pull down your bullsh[t story! YOU'RE BUSTED!

But if it's so good, why don't youi just go over there and live in the wonderland?

Hey, nobrainer, how many seconds did it take to prove you the liar in posting your bullshit story about the Supreme Court hearing a Birther lie?<br />

Hey, just trying to help AMERICA nobrainer, since the two most successful nations in the world are Socialist Germany and Communist China.<br />
SAVE AMERICA, emulate the successes, not the failures like Nobrainer!

cynthiaeliza, We are trying to get him to go on over there where he can live in that wonderful paradox of perfected government, but like a wart, he's hard to get rid of ! Just any ugly bump that needs to be treated with some strong meds.

I see people not having the freedom to speak HERE liza.<br />
Look at the poor CITIZEN caught learning to read English, being dragged off his airplane and 'detained'.<br />
I look at the firing of Bill Maher for telling the truth about brave suicide pilots.<br />
I look at Bush's mouthpiece Ari Fleicher warning Americans that it was a time for "Americans to watch what they say, watch what they do".<br />
I look at the reporters for Al Jazzerah TANK BOMBED for daring to photograph the American troops run amok in Baghdad.<br />
I look at Bush's stooge, Al Maliki, sending the ARMY to prevent a lawfully elected governor of Tikrit from taking office.<br />
I look at America's 'friend' in Pakistan, Machine Gun Musharaff.<br />
Capitalism is quite as often murderous as any Communism Liza.

but you see people dont have the freedom of say of anything if you were to be living in cuba you would not be saying that

Well, if America is so opposed to communism, I guess we're dead, given that the two most profitable (export) nations in the world are COMMUNIST China and SOCIALIST Germany, in that order.<br />
But hey, if you prefer stupid just because Daddy liked stupid, by all means, remain stupid.