The Kiss Of Death

 Well, unfortunately for Colts fans, the o-ster got behind the Colts in the superbowl.

Earlier he had said he was with the Saints, but in the interview with the perky one before the game started, he went with the Colts.

A few weeks before that, the o-ster called the coach of the Kentucky Wildcats and wished them luck in their game that day. UK had just become ranked #1 in the polls, and after receiving the kiss of death from the o-ster, proceeded to lose that game that night.

Back to the Colts, I have no problem with the team. I like their players. I play fantasy football, and had Manning, Wayne and Clark on different teams. I did good too. I had 4 teams and was the #1 seed in all four FFL's I was in. First time

Anyway, I was sorry to see the Colts lose because I do like the players, and their rookie coach, but was happy to see them lose because of the lib owner. Sorry buddy, your boy gave them the kiss of death.

I just want to say to the o-ster.... please stay away from the sports. Stick to the politics will you? lol

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5 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Deregulation started way back with Lyndon B johnson, when he signed the fair housing act. Then every politician who thought it was a good idea to force welfare on the private sector caused the financial crisis we are in today.<br />
<br />
Quickly back away from GWB? There you go assuming again... lol

I know hammer.<br />
<br />
It amazes me too.

I agree Pink.<br />
<br />
Of course, if he wants to endorse the sports teams I don't like, then by all means.... go for it big

How does any thing on my profile say, or state that I am a GWB fan?<br />
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I don't like McCain either. He is a liberal and a RINO, just like GWB.<br />
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I guess one difference between you and I is I can dislike a member of the political party I support.<br />
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No the o-ster can't fix everything in one year. But if he had started trying to fix things, instead of make them worse a year ago, he would have one hell of a jump start on it....

I agree with you. Dubya was a liberal in descuise. A RINO. I am glad he is gone.<br />
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Do you just assume I like GWB? If so.... why?