Total Git - But Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!

Those of you who have read my blogs know that I think Obama is a complete fool.  I just heard that our leader has agreed to allow nuclear power plants to be built in GA.  I don't give a crud how this is related to politics, favors, union jobs or any thing else.  FINALLY someone is take some action toward the absolute most debilitating and dangerous thing America faces.  Give us more domestic power.  Praise where praise is due and please, please let us continue (and with enhanced vigor) to settle American energy problems once and for all.

 For the previous poster,"the level of hatred directed towards President Obama is unprecedented"  all I can say is DUH!  If it sounds like a liar and thief, acts like a liar and thief, and surrounds itself with liars and thieves- it is a dangerous liar and thief!  When he pretends to believe that America is a good place and tries to help make it better, within the bounds of American ways, then folks will stop be freaked out that a bunch of idiots were told who to vote for and rushed to the ballot box to elect a self-proclaimed socialist.  America in its frenzy to elect an charismatic leader of color chose the wrong man for the job.

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Well fnformetoo ... I just figure we have to get used to being called names. I've been screaming at the politicians since first Bush ... I've never been attacked the way I have for complaining about this one! On the second Bush though... when I wanted to yell about spending, dependency on oil and that nation building really should be a UN job not ours ... I ended up having to defend stuff like "Lied to go to War" … "War Criminal" and the other drivel from the left. So the left's insanity shut down any real progress we could have made during the 2000's and now they think we're out of line for throwing such <strong>recklessly radical bombs</strong> as... "Socialist Redistributer" ... "liar" (he really is a bald faced one - it's hilarious) ... "cry baby" (blame Bush often enough and folk will forget the Dems took power in 2007 and that oil prices were the real trigger to the economic crisis) <br />
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I mean seriously - just read the idiot who posted the story just below mine in this group ... you'd think the right were marching in the streets and turning cars over because their President was a war criminal who should be arrested and tried in the World Court for allowing interrogation techniques that caused no permanent damage. Oh yeah - that's one difference between the right and left - the right's memory stretches back several years and we don't rewrite history - recent or distant past. :) The level of <strong>hatred</strong> from the right toward this president is unprecidented ... um ... they choose to ignore how boldly and loudly they threw the actual word <strong>hate</strong> toward Bush?

Hey... are you calling me a crazy fanatic? lol<br />
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If we would get to the point of providing our own energy, and not rely on ANYONE, we would put millions of Americans to work. Not only in the energy production itself, but all the indirect employment that would come from the supply of that business.<br />
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If the dems wanted to score some big points with the unions, they would head that direction, because half of those jobs created would be union jobs.

Thanks guys! It's good to know that the crazy fanatics on the right are at least willing to give a fair shake where due! Please, let us build power plants - nuclear, natural gas and clean coal, drill like crazy and bring home the dollars we've been blowing overseas!<br />
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25 years ago, I explained the American policy of raping the world's resources and saving our own for the time when the world was running low... all would have to come to us. Well ... maybe I've gotten a bit of cold feet - but over those 25 years, things seem to have changed. Besides lacking the energy infrastructure ... we've begun to seriously lack jobs and production.

I'll give you both an AMEN !!

AMEN on the energy thing.<br />
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I agree. Credit is due. We should build as many as we need. This is one way to put Americans to work. I also agree that there shoudl be NO union requirements on these power plants. If the work goes to union, then so be it. But not be forced to be union by the feds. If unions bid it and get it, then by all means....<br />
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As far as putting Americans to work, any job created by building these power plants better go to LEGAL Americans. They better check each contractor who is contracted to build them, as well as the employees required to run them once they are on line.<br />
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He should also start drilling for oil in as many places as we know where it is. We have located TRILLIONS of barrells of oil. We should be going after it ASAP.<br />
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Then we can tell the terrorist thugs we are buying from now to go **** themselves.