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really? obama, whos close and friend/pastor said god d*** america? who supports partial birth abortion? really?

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Ok Pink, no probs. I worked on the integration of the financial systems of three hospitals being merged in Pittsburgh. My background is financial and project management. I worked in the health sector in the UK and then got a job with an American company. My view of the health sector ( well to be true the bit of the US health sector to which I was exposed) is that a lot of money is spent on tracking the costs of the service to the patient and a lot of money is spent in trying to minimize the time spent with the patient in the hospital. i saw some of this transferring to the UK with treatment in the community. I had one issue ( I kept it to myself of course) was that the emphasis on the management was making the organisations profitable on the basis that would also drive efficiency.<br />
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The focus on patient care was left to the front line professionals. In contrast to that many UK health bodies that I worked with did not have a profit motive, their focus on the patient was present in every aspect of the organisation. It may have resulted in some inefficiencies viewed from my purist view but it did deliver customer care. Combining the two would be the grail but I don't think it's possible. I have not witnessed efficiency in public bodies with high customer focus because the profit motive is definitely the strongest and clearest driver of efficiency and public bodies don't have that. I suppose it helps us to be ruthless in our decision making. <br />
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Anyway, my experience of the US was pre 2001. I used to get onto a shuttle plane (the orange ones) pay for my ticket there an then and be in NYC an hour later. Now it would take two hours just to get onto the plane.

thank u pink!

I've worked in Pitsburgh and NYC so I have some insight into the US. Not living there doesn't deprive me of a view but it does render me a disadvantage compared to you. I don't see Obama as a strong socialist and I don't necessarily support redistribution of wealth. I have commented on them which is different. Obama has identifed a number of areas where the private supply and the status quo are not working too well. That is recognising market failure but isn't out and out socialism. The strength of the US is in it's innovation and dedication to free market capitalism, its weakness is only exposed as of now when the market fails. As to Obama changing the country I thought that was his election slogan and he did get elected?

because i dont suppoert it dosent mean i would force it on someone else. i dont suppoert it because people emotionly die when they think they killed there baby. a baby, a body that had a soul and could have been somone. they should have a choice to live.

well every one has dif takes on the guy so... we will see. i mean the guy might be trying, i guess. but it really dosent matter to me as long as we get back on track.

I don't agree i think he has taken a different stand on US intervention in the Middle East. I think he has given the Chinese something to think about. He has made a decision about Afghanistan (don't know if it will work but it's a decision). I also think he needs to take a stand on banks bonuses and reduce govt spending. But you're right when you say we need to see how things goes. If you end up in Cuba you know it didn't go too good.

no. i dont think anyone could be worse than hitler. but even though he has a mess to clean up he is still not right for the main man position. he hasnt even got a grip on what he is doing yet... we will see how his reign as a leader gos..

Noshadow i see you have a new acolyte to mould to your pernicious ways. Obama is not dangerous for the US. He may change the direction of the government a little but everyone knows that American presidents, even with majorities can only change a little. What they can and do whoever is make really bad decisions, like starting one war before the other was over, regulating banks so that their capital reserves bear no relation to their loan balances and think that the US is ready for a more wealth distributive regime. We know it's not there <br />
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also this thread has started to bring the wierdos out of the woodwork. Not you guys but someone called Truechristian who claims Obama is worse then Hitler. see the forum posts.

he he he.... i dont want to poke fun... but the guy is just no good for the us. i like colored people, some of them are a ton better than white people. <br />
if u soround your self with people who hate america then im sure u hate it too.

Yeah, but most think it's the color of his skin that makes him dangerous. I didn't know that made a man dangerous till I read it here. I can't really understand what it has to do with it, but go figure. I always thought it was the size of his ears that made him dangerous, got to watch those things when the wind gets up.