Goin To Hell In

Where has this country gone? Over the last few years and with Obama in office the country has gone to hell in a hand basket.  I do not go for all this Politicialy Corect  bulshit.

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Your research seems to be from the DNC web site....<br />
<br />
All you say is nothing but liberal talking points.<br />
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What do YOU actually think?

Didn't I just say that I did some research on this. I am not just pulling these facts out of my ***. It is true that our economy was at a very high peak when Bush took office, and suddenly it just went to hell, are you saying liberals are to blame for this even though it was a conservative administration in power when the economy took a turn for the worst. Also look back to the Great Depression, that was caused first of all by cuts in spending (and of course people being bad with money). The fact is, cuts, and supporting the wealthy only works for a small amount of time, but the economy is not built for this so it collapses. we should invest in everyone in the country, because that will keep our country stable, and our economy. There is proof of this look at the New Deal, It along with the war brought America to the political power it has now.

The liberal ideal of fair housing is what caused the mess we're in.<br />
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Why don't you do some research sky?

So you believe that there should be class discrimination in our country, even though 80% of the richest 2% are what you would refer to as free loaders. Did you that the 80% that I just mentioned are rich only because they inherited it. The biggest example of enabling free loaders is giving the top 2% tax reductions that they don't need, just because we assume that they will re-invest in American jobs. But noshadow I have not seen this happen yet, it seems they are more interested in China than the USA. Also the Bush administration is what put us into this deficit, and yet I keep hearing the blaim going to Obama. Do some research, you'll find that the Bush tax cuts are to blaim for the resession, not Obama. And according to many economists (some of which are republican) the econmomy is beginning to go back up.

we are on the right track we did stuff and did not pay for it

According to the liberals, we are on the right track. We are appoligizing to the world for being a great country and having the balls to stand up for ourselves. We need to work for just enough money to get by and give the rest to the government to redistribute as they see fit to who they see fit.<br />
On the bright side...we will soon have whatever we need provided by the government to us (if they think we need it), and there will be no class discrimination just for being a freeloader, moocher,or otherwise just lazy ***.

Out founding Fathers just might be turning over in their graves now