Speaking Of Tea Partys

I read a story from CNN yesterday that did an overall breakdown of how many people identify with the Tea Partyers and their political affiliations. Needless to say CNN tried to downplay the entire group as a small percentage of extremists. I don't have the specific numbers handy but it was something like 35% of those polled identified with the movement which is than identify with liberalism. They also pointed out that though a mojority of the 35% consider themselves politically independent they are more apt to vote Republican. These numbers seemed to baffle the writer and he/she clearly saw them a self contradictory and made it even more clear to me that the left still just doesn't get it. It isn't about politics as usual or either of these two ruling parties. It's about being fed up with politics as usual and more importantly returning to the original values our forefathers set up for this once great Republic. It's about stopping the progressives from destroying this country and transforming us into the socialist country that most never asked for. A vote cast for a Repulican is done to slow the detirioration. 

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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

People are slowly but surely seeing the light . The tea party will come under fire from both sides before it's over. The status quo is not going to be happy losing the power.