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I am an Aussie, and we are allies and as far as I can see we always will be. Not just signed a treaty allies but been through two world wars and everything since allies(yes even , Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Iraq and Afagn and what ever else and  probarbly Iran but that is just me speaking on the future).

I know  the Politics of your country is very different to mine, All those 18 and above must vote  in Australia where in the USA voting is an option and a candicate must motivate you to go to a polling booth and then to vote for them. We are fined if we dont vote.

So our governments have different priorities. If a candicate makes enough Americans fell vunerable then they can push through very defence orientated policies that suites the people that actually voted (as an example). Simply because if they dont they will vote against them next time (remember they went out and voted for something that didnt happen so they will be pissed off). Here in Australia no poltician can rely on the silent majority because the silent majority also votes and actually decides who will govern. So as a result the political parties spend a lot of resorces finding out what the silent majority wants and how far they can push beyond the average just to secure more votes and entertain the minorities so they may vote for them too.

So looking at that our fates are also sealed when the USA votes. (our own machro economics are decided by our selves). Being such allies we are also exposed to the same risks that the USA also faces with their own foreign affairs.

So please dont just think about the USA here you actually have allies that are affected too.

And for the record forget about Obama  he is harmless but  think a lot more about Palin and Clinton and yes in that order. One has some influence as she goes about foreign affairs around the globe but the other could be a disaster of biblical proportions



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First of all Nybler, I think you have a false view of what the silent majority in America is. They are not people who don't vote, they are people who were not, in the past, very vocal, but most of them do, and they have, voted. They now make up the majority of the Tea Party, people who are tired of the government taking more and more of our freedoms away. This all being done at the expense of the tax payers who are tired of thousands of Government programs that do no good for the country, they only pander to various classes of people, in order to get votes from those particular groups. Obama is is serious trouble and it is because of the people like the Tea Party. We can not depend on a mass media to keep the people, and the world informed as to the workings of the Obama administration. They carry his water for every cause and will cover up is massive failures. It is no wonder you don't like Palin as the only thing you know about her is what you hear in the American press. They are scared to death of her as she speaks the truth. If someone threatens the media, and the left's idols, they demonize that person with every ounce of energy. Well, I am hoping that the game is up, and that we can get the United States back on the road to financial responsibility and to stop the massive buildup of governmental control over the people. We the people do not mind paying our fair share of taxes, we just do not want our taxes being used to finance those who do not have the best interest of our Country.

Puck.. Two-Bit-Nit-Wit (aka bitlord) either falls off his meds or gets a temp release from his mental confinement facility. Ignore what he writes, everyone else pretty much does!.. Bill in Va.

As WikiLeaks showed, China is ready and willing to throw Korea under the bus.<br />
HOWEVER, Korea has nukes. We cannot attack without suffering unacceptable losses. Korea, like Saddam, will not go down without using everything they have.<br />
Think of Seoul in radioactive ruins, or the Nimitz blown to bits of steel at the bottom of the ocean.<br />
Any attack on Korea is for all the marbles, and they know it. They will go nuke when they have nothing to use.<br />
THEREFORE: They will only be constrained from the outside, and invasion is out.

With what is happening right now between the Korea's we have the potential for this to go much further towards resumption of war. I'm wondering what China will do if this thing escalates? Will they back the North as they did last time fighting broke out?<br />
<br />
Trading with the US along with her Allies is the main reason for China's prosperity. I know it would be very difficult for us in the West should trade with China be restricted, but not impossible. I think China has the most to lose economically as the West would have to rebuild it's manufacturing ba<x>se to compensate. I wonder if this is part of the thinking of the West to fuel economic recovery and put Western workers back in jobs that went to China? Could China and the North be eying off the Souths manufacturing ba<x>se as a Korea united under the North and under China's control would be an economic and military asset given China's intentions for Asia.

You are correct...he is very dangerous for your country. The Chinese are trying to gain control of much of the oceans around them and Southeast Asia (VERY close to you). Our old enemy Vietnam is so concerned, that they have asked for U.S. navel ships to do joint "training" operations near Vietnam with them to send China a message. I sure wish Nixon wouldve never "opened the door" to China and started the trading that made them what they are today. The Chinese military is slowly taking control of the government...and they are hardliners. obama is preparing to accept the Chinese delates with HONORS...all the while they harrass our ships in the Yellow Sea and bully our allies Japan and Taiwan. He actually bows to foriegn leaders! No president in our history has EVER done is a sign of being accomodating and weak. Thats all Im saying for just makes this Marine sick.

Obama is soft and weak....thats why North Korea is shelling the South; it's why Iran is pushing harder with its nuke program, and it's why China is trying to take control of the Yellow Sea and bully all it's neighbors. Everytime we get a weak president, the world's dirtbags push the envelope to see how much they can get away with.....happened with Carter, it happened with Clinton, and its happening now with Obama. I just thank God that Obama wasn't my Commander-n-Chief when i was serving....

Hi devildog1977m,<br />
That is true, some wacko got hold of a dozen or so military type weapons and gunned down dozens of people, 34 of which died in Port Arthur, Tasmaina. The government used the situation to pass legistlation to remove most weapons from the public. Australians dont really traditionally see ourselves as needing firearms so it's not as bigger deal as it would be if the US government decided to take citizens firearms from them.

Hi Aussie....Im going to refrain from talking about my political views lol...but I did want to ask you something if you dont mind....I heard some years back that the Australian government confiscated private firearms nationwide. Is that so?

Well Nybler, I guess if you were to need help, there will be some of us there. bitlord will still be standing on his soapbox with Nancy Pelosi and Obama shouting about how we are ruined by some political<br />
We do still have our guns and Bibles.

No, America will not 'always be there' for anyone. Our empire is done, Bush spent it into bankruptcy, fixing the mess he left behind will be impossible without dismantling our warfare state once and for all.<br />
Once that happens, America will never again be an empire, and it will be very much a poor 3rd world state, since Capitalists will run wild, as they do in El Salvador, Guatemala, Columbia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Uganda and like "Free market" states.

If Ronald Reagan could fix Carters mess, then a 'good' president could have fixed Bushes mess. Obama has managed to spend more in 3 years than Bush did in eight.

I'm only curious as to where the tea party movement is supposedly ignorant of the Constitution. It seems to me we are the only ones to understand it.

A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government. – Thomas Jefferson (1801) <br />
<br />
Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

As an outsider looking in on you there nybler, you need to take a look at what is happening to your country. From what I understand you have already lost your right to bear arms. I am not sure this is true,but some of the Aussies I have chatted with on here say that it is. If so, you are one step closer to being not a citizen, but a subject. Perhaps you need to see the first step that was used to take over Germany when Hitler decided to rule.<br />
<br />
As to your post, you need to remember how this country came into being. People were disgusted by the English rule and broke away. That was mainly over religion, but personal freedom too. They may not have done things exactly correct, but hey, we made it this far and we are not going to let this country go under for the sake of some theory of an educated fool !!!We do cherish our relationship with you and consider you as one of us. We just need to pay attention to where the road ahead may take us, before we fall of a cliff.

Pap.. I'm a Tea Party member of sorts and profess to be more informed about our constituion than some professed constitutional lawyers. <br />
Mark Levine comes to mind. Every time he comes on TV he cites his credential and pulls out of his pocket his dog-eared copy of the Constitution. He cites Article II, Section 8 of the Constitution as the basis for challenging Arizona's SB 1070. He goes on to state that the rights to enforce immigration laws are a congressional power granted under Art. II, Sect. 8. When in fact, he hasn't a clue as to what that section states: In quotes: "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;" So, this is one Tea Party member that has a more concise handle on our constitution that a so-called Expert! <br />
His link: