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Regardless of who is against this, who thinks it is a bad idea, against what the people think Pres. Obama feels he has the right to mandate how the country is run just on his own say so.  To many of our leaders who are Democrates do not agree with this idea and several who do not agree have been bought off with extras in the bill itself.  Even if the extras are taken out now they want assurances they can add them after the bill is passed.  Now I do not know about you but this seems like it is cheating in a big way.  If the plan is so good and rightoues why are not more Democratic leaders gung-ho for it.  There are way to many questions and things unanswered in this bill.  Now that it is crunch time we find out many of the Democrate have not even read or gone over the bill they previously voted on and our now having second or at least heasitant thoughts, about it. 

What do you thinkers out there think about passing a bill that may not work, may make things worse, and no one truely understands in it's entireity.

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I guess those on wall street who deal with pork futures are happy then.

Ha.... What that means is he will go through every line and add as much pork as he can... lol

fnformetoo has it right...this whole thing is a ploy to gain more control of our personal lives.<br />
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There is nothing to worry about though...Obama said he would go through every bill line by line and word by word, to make sure there is no pork.....groan...

Just keep one thing in mind.... This HC bill has nothing to do with HC. Nothing at all.<br />
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It is nothing but govt take-over, and unionization of the HC industry. That will give the dems more political power. Same reason to unionize federal employees........ Why does a federal employee need to be union? They don't. It's all about taking money from fed employees paychecks, which are paid by our tax dollars, giving it to the unions, then the unions give it back to the dems as political contributions. In others words... LEGAL money laundering.....<br />
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This is nothing but a power, and money grab.... Plain and simple. <br />
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This HC bill has a govt dependence element to it as well. People's dependence on govt is at an all time high. But, not high enough for the dems. They want as many as they can get to be dependendent on govt. So far, they are doing a pretty good job. Just want to give credit where credit is due. Too bad the credit they get is credit for making things worse, and making America a nanny state.....