Trying To Minimize The Tea Party Movement.

When allegations of racial epitaphs (15)  being hurled at Congressman John Lewis and he was allegedly spat upon, my antenna went up immediately.  My concerns were further enhanced when the congressman refused to be interviewed concerning this incident.  When Andrew Brightbart offered a reward of $100,000 for any proof of the racial aspect of charges and not one person stepped forward.  Remember, he was surrounded by 5 capital police officers, a number of staffers (a few of which had their camera phones in front of them photographing the crowd) as well as 100's of professional media cameras and microphones.  Not one person stepped forward.  I'd also bet that there were 1000's of protesters with their phones/vid-cams running.    

Right after this my concern was that the tea party would be infiltrated. Their goal: exaggerations, racial taunts, miss-spelled signage, inflammatory signage  and disruptive behavior would occur in an attempt to cast the tea party attendee's in a bad light.  Well, my fears have been validated.  There is a movement afoot that pleads for just those activities.  I'll not pass on the URL but it would be interesting to stage a "counter-infiltration" and pass on the names and organizers of this movement. 

Most interestingly enough ,this tactic comes straight out of the book by Saul Lewinsky "Rules for Radicals".  Barack O's blueprint for office.

William McDonald

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2 Responses Apr 12, 2010

Now we have Billie Bobbing **** Clict-ton accusing the tea-partiers of inciting a Timothy McVaey type of reaction! He the one in charge whilst: The Cole Bombing, The Barracks bombing, the Embassy bombings across Indonisia, the 1st attack on the World Trade Center.. I could go on and on but "me think's I'm preaching to the choir"..

One more thing my friends. If you do attend a tea party event (See in in DC on thursday, April 15) do take your camera/vid/cell phone. If you do see disruptive behaviour, miss spelled signs, racial taunts TAKE A PIC OF THE PERSON involved in this behavior! Get the audio if possible. Somehow, someway we will publish this pics and audio and identify the individual. Maybe even trace their attendance back to orgs like Move-on or some other left wing movement. <br />
Bill McDonald