Caught With A Joint...

My daughter amanda had started spending long periods of time In her room listening to old rock music,pinkfloydand thelike. Shes thirteen going on twenty.... Out in the garden below her window i could smell that sweet musty smell of cannabis. No way was my little girl smoking dope so young. Into her room like a thunder bolt and she's sitting cross legged on her bed in her pjs rolling a joint. I was not amused.
Bluster, then tears as I lectured her on the dangers, effects on school work, brain formation, the law. And what pun
A long grounding seemed too prone to hassle later.She needed her allowance, she said. Daddy, when i was wee you smacked me sometimes when i was bad . Itwas her idea. I suggested that perhaps a smack was rather lenient and that maybe we shuldthink of a more severe disciplining. You could use your belt daddy she whispered, and pull down my panties.
So amanda found herself bent overthe back of the sofa, with her bottom turning cherry red under the strokes of my heavy belt, bawling her eyes out as the stiff leather cut across her chubby buttocks.
She's not smoked weed again!
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Good for you. Fathers need to take responsibilty for their daughter's and wife's behavior. A good red behind is very instructive.

that is good an correct way to handle that hope her bottom was so sore she could not sit for days

Man you got played! When I was thirteen I hated/loved when Daddy spanked me on my bare bottom! "and pull down my panties"? Please.

Did you ever get the strap...Amanda does not want to lose her allowance. In what. Way did u love your daddies spankings....

Ask me privately, my feelings about that are/were complicated! And they took me awhile to figure out.

CHrissy such a naughty girl u need a spanking everyday i bet hope u been getting spanked alot :) spnkbooty

new chrissy that is good that yo uhate na love your spankings all daughtes should be both way about it

amanda needs to be strap often make her understand how to behave an act proper

@david4u: After her spanking & corner time, send Amanda to bed and tell her to leave her bottom showing because you\'ll be up to check on the strap marks in about an hour. When the time comes, listen at the door and then open it without knocking -- you did say you would come in to check so she\'s expecting you, right? You will catch her either ************ or having fallen asleep while ************! (My Daddy caught me!!)

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