At Least With Me They Do

I rarely see giant, painfully-skinny Amazon women walking down the street. So why do we have to believe that the only way to be beautiful is to look like those women???
I'm a victim just like millions of others- I loathe my fat body and imperfect face because these images bombard us every waking second. I hold myself to impossible standards because I compare myself to the likes of Kate Moss and Karen Elson. Anyone who says that the fashion/beauty industry isn't a poisonous one is obviously not paying attention.
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I guess the key is to say "to hell" with everyone and just be who you are.<br />
I struggle with that, but in my heart I know it's what I should do.

Is it just me or is anyone else confused out of their skull by this crazy, mixed-up world. Thin is supposed to be the ideal, right? I've always been thin. Right now I'm 5'8" and 115 lbs. and sometimes have weighed a little more, sometimes a little less. I have gotten nothing but grief about it my whole life. I've been insulted, teased and several people have told me it's the reason I'm not married. These comments have come from a vast diversity of people including other skinnies. So I went to a modeling agency and they told me I needed to lose some weight. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!<br />
How do you ever measure up in this friekin' world??!!

^ You are so right.


no kidding. a person has enough to deal with without reading some magazine that makes you feel bad about yourself.

^ Yes, I personally believe Cosmo is one of the worst ones out there, because they seem to target the "everyday" woman, but they portray her in ways that are anything but "everyday".

great story! i'm with you in the fact that the women i see on any given day look nothing like this. these magazines not only make you question and doubt your own attractiveness but also your sexual abilities as well. that's why i quit reading cosmo. they make you feel that if you're not a size 0 and don't have a man, then something must be wrong with you.