I Hate The Mainstream Defintion Of Beuaty.

It's been kicking around for a while. I honestly hate judging people on their appearances, matters of substance please. It doesn't matter how I feel... http://monsieur-nick.deviantart.com/art/Beauty-148976067 "My editors at Harlequin used to joke that they could always tell when a man had written a manuscript. Somewhere in the first fifty pages the heroine undressed in front of a mirror...and liked what she saw. That sounds like a good idea, having a body that you can admire when you are buck-naked in your own bathroom. But what clearly seems a better idea, a more appealing fantasy, is to walk by that mirror and simply not care." -Indeed. I'm MALE and I noticed this comment and agreed. I routinely see it float up thru the culture, who's hot, who's not. I've had a vested interest for a long time in keeping my sense of beauty completely shrouded in mystery. Why? It simply doesn't factor into if I’m going to ask you out or not. I'd rather leave you guessing and form a relationship that completely avoids the topic-Sadly no amount of my rage at women being categorically judged and dismissed on the basis of appearance will ever ACTUALLY take the pressure off and make it stop. So there's really only one thing one can do: point out beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Indeed-a few magazines routinely catch my eyes, In deed in the super market I DO notice, I disdain these things though, I disdain my own eyes for even noticing-it's not about that. I find myself too humiliated to even look because I'm ashamed of the culture it's brought onward. I'm encouraged when I notice that men who mention appearance get fewer responses on okcupid, etc. And yet this seems to be an irrevocable aspect of femininity not a lot of people know me-Better yet, few know my actual preferences, I like it that way-it's not like I know if a haircut is going to work or if someone is going to change or-what. I've been in love before. I noticed my ex went from being relatively normal when we were just hooking up to bloody gorgeous when we were together and after we split I couldn't look at her. To "pretend" one look and style... bleh. again-beauty is in the eye of the beholder, every time I open up I discourage someone someone else very well might find gorgeous-my opinion has nothing to do with the greater collective. I find this to be a horribly cynical though, the whole "it matters" We saw Halle Berry, I noticed the trend, and I was annoyed because I didn't find her hot, it happens all the time. The culture and its sense of fashion I OFTEN vehemently disagree with-I'm not going to move in sync with them. I value my right to disagree too much. Honestly I always found anime and video game clothing far more exciting... Hell, I wore phatties in high school. you know... these things: http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg284/asrikun/Melbourne%20Shuffle/Phatties.jpg The current bland style puts me to sleep.
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Really guys like you are one in a million. And women, too. Sometimes it seems like no one hates women as much as they hate themselves. And really, it's true. All the media does is create insecurities for people and then wring money out of it by making people feel like they need to be 'fixed'. Everyone is beautiful to someone, there is no one universally beautiful look. This post has really put some of my faith back into humanity. Thankyou.

Right on :)

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