I Have Thought This For Years!

I always thought that even when I was a kid....I am also convinced that Bert is the top in that relationship..lol

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LMAO @ Jp...I never noticed the phallic head...how observant!!!<br />
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That's right DJK!!! *thumbs up*

Hahahahaha my beautiful sissy!<br />
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I know what you mean..I loooooooooved Sesame Street and often waited for B&E to pop up some time through the program.<br />
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I think Ernie's laugh is cute..so laugh with wild abandon!<br />
xoxoxoxox love you

LOL...Well that goes without saying Sara!! *wink*<br />
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Peppermint Patty & Marcie? (Marcie calls her "sir") sounds like a delightful b&d relationship to me..I bet she never forgets her safe word!!! :)

Laurel and Hardy too.... oh, come on!!!!!<br />
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Of course there is NO secret about Xena and Gabrielle!

Hahahahaha Luna..it must be the extra thick unibrow..lol

Batman and his "Boy Wonder?" hmmmmm.

funny girl

LMAO..This is out of control! (and I rather like it! )*wink!*

Ooooo, you're Right! And Laurel and Hardy! "Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into!"<br />
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Now that I think about it.... you know... we may have just found out why the Sheriff was always chasing Robin Hood and his band of "Merry Men"!!!

Yup...And let's not forget Oscar ans Felix...The "Odd Couple!"

Well of course Peppermint Patty and Marcy were getting it on! But don't be surprised if you find out that Marcy REALLY ran that relationship!<br />
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But... OMG! Didn't Abbot and Costello sleep in the same bed??? (naughty naughty guys!!!)

Hey Scoob....Now that ya mention it....Didn't Velma and Daphne wake up in each other's sweaters one morning?<br />
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Oh..and what about Peppermint Patty and Marcy?? Any girl who calls the other one "Sir" is suspect in my book.<br />

Oh sure....next you are going to try and tell me Shaggy and Scooby were Stoners!

Puleeeeze you guys.... Bert and Eenie's relationship is none of your business!

And Ernie stays aound with a big grin on his face..LOL