Get Rid of the Single Beds Already...

Why Ernie tolerates Bert's uptight *** is beyond me, though...


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Rofl... that's what I call a dark mind xD

rubber dub dub...absinthe in the tub.... ;)

Hahhahha...yeah, maybe.... in the can. :)

Bird lovers :)

Diaamond427, I am being nice...I just have a wry sense of humour. I have a pair of foam stand-ups of B&E that are 27 years old. :)

Hello...? These care characters created for children to learn from and enjoy. I understand it was meant to be funny, but come on...these are things from nice.

Maybe but that's okay and kids of the appropriate age won't even comprehend the notion. They're such innocents.

I have a fetish for... nevermind. :)

I think Ernie was actually having a thang with his rubber duckie.... they DID spend a lot of time in the bath together!

LMAO!! HAHA!! U DID go there :) STRAIGHT to the tight *** ... :)

oh the real woman!

Yes! Josie got it right...the odd couple... hehehe! :-)

Yes...I know, just having fun.

I like Josie's comment......just different personality types...we could learn a lot about tolerance

The Odd Couple ... for children. Tony Randall and Jack Klugman in a new light (or Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau if you prefer).