They Disgust Me

There are quite a few things about Bert and Ernie that cause me turn my head to the left, shrug my shoulders and say "huh?" . 

Particularly,  the fact that each of these gentlemen endure the discomfort of a varying sized human hand in a place human beings would associate with their anus. 

Unless he's gay,  I don't believe any other man would allow to be blown out on national television. What other opening is down there? (Doesn't anyone censor this stuff?)

83% of surveyed American agree that inter-racial dating is acceptable  and realitistic in the persuit of happiness.  Hell, most believe inter-species dating for Muppets and Sesame Street characters would be "a norm'  in this age.  Somehow, the writers over on Sesame Street never seem to dream up realistic conversations where Bert and Ernie are 'high fiving, giving one another daps' as they casually nudge one another laughing about their sexual escapades with their furry neighboring female monsters.  Ironicly, coincidental or blatently gay? 

Bert and Ernie live a very peculiar lifestyle.  Most would lose their lunch at the thought of being intimate with an animal.  The writers over on Sesame Street have somehow allowed Bert to openly confess his desire for pigeons.  Come on we're not talking about your occasional KFC craving.  This is a possibly 60 year old man that desires the company of pigeons.

So, in reference to my belief...Not only are Bert and Ernie lovers, Ernie is indeed an emotional wreck. He cries at the slight of any circumstance, wears the same clothing everyday (obviously clinically depressed despite the anti-depressants that cause him to withdraw from reality).  ((Hey the happy pills can only take you so far and you must admit he's pretty silly)) He's beeen thrawted by the blows of Bert's disgusting sexual appetite.

Bert and Ernie are a lovely couple and they should come out of the closet and into a glorious future we call 2009.  "Its time for a change!"

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*Whew* good!

As a matter of fact it was Pepsi! Pepsi is my favorite soda. lol Don't worry, I didn't waste too much.<br />

as long as it isn't pepsi. Pepsi is a terrible thing to waste :D

OMG! LMAO! I just spewed soda on my keyboard! Very good ICL!<br />

hehehehehe thanks Ennuye.

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Yeah, come on boys, it's time. :)