We Are Not As Anonymous As We Think.....

I read this in a news article today:

"The comment disturbed at least one teacher, who called police in West Bend, 40 miles north of Milwaukee and home of the blog's administrator. Police traveled to arrest (name) at his home in Cudahy, south of Milwaukee, last week after the blogger gave them the anonymous poster's IP address."


Yep, they traced his comment.  Easily too!  I have always been aware of the fact that the government had microsoft and other electronics firms add tracing programs and chips to hardware and software so that they could trace where the computer location is or disable the hardware from a remote location. 

And yes, I work for the government, i watch what other people do to correct errors and ensure laws are adhered to.  People watch what I do for the same.  It is very redundant but it has to be to answer the question "who watches the watchers?" 

they already have video cameras in your home, on your TV if you choose, on your computer.  Its all accessible to anyone who knows how to hack into it.  Cameras in parking lots, in stores, malls, public buildings, airports, street corners and on and on.  

they can track you down through credit card use, ATM use, where checks are cashed etc......


We have given up our anonimity for our safety.  And yet, I don't feel safe from my own government anymore.

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We are being watched for sure. I don't think any of this is really anonymous even the confessions because when you go to your own home site they have them all listed. Well maybe not but I can't be sure because I never confess and then mark it anonymous just in case it is not and shows up with my name attached. Sounds like I have dark secrets but I really don't. I am just careful and would not want anyone to misunderstand and misuse my thoughts. EP is for lots of people for many reasons. <br />
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I will never truly trust the government and no matter how we vote there will always be the watchers who are really in charge.

SASXIV- Your perceptions are on the mark- we've stood by while a relative few have conspired and actually absconded with our rights to privacy and freedom- question isn't whether it has or will happen- but what the remaining 99% of us who have been affected by this surveillance proliferation are going to do about it.<br />
Although deleting stories on EP is one way to deal with it, their are better ways- primarily by joining the ACLU, etc., and raising one hell of a stink until we can speak and act freely without second thoughts once again. Remember there are a lot of us who disagree with the present policies and tactics of our government who will <br />
be exerting our point of view on incumbent as well as potential legislators at all levels- and that every one of us 18 or over and registered can vote to bring change- even if it may be a slow process. It can be done if we all work together for positive change.

yes - and i wrote a story aobut it back in october i think. I also deleted a lot of my more personal stories at that time and so am very careful about what i put on EP....

well this is disturbing...has anyone read the terms of service for this site? do they log our IPs. Granted for some of us we are behind corporate or education firewalls so there is a little wiggle room there...but still...

i read it - interesting and to the point. Congress won't enact anything that makes them stick to their limitations of power which the supreme court is not enforcing upon them. Hence why i do not vote for incumbants ever....(another exp group there...)

That is so scary!!!

True dat!

'We have given up our anonimity for our safety. And yet, I don't feel safe from my own government anymore.'<br />
<br />
you give someone enough power, eventually greed and corruption will take over

That's it i am putting alluminum foil on the outlets again! lol