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i feel sad today .and i know that it doesn't help anyone, but i can't shake the feeling. i keep asking for info of anyone i meet, it is just what i do. last year one of my friends was dealing with a second bout of pancreatic cancer. i would have given my life for her's if i could've. so yes i was searching for anything that might help her. sadly she passed on nov 18 2008. now i have 2 friends whose husband's have liver and lung cancer. and i'm trying to locate info again. i think i found a possiblity in this info. if it helps someone i wish to pass it on. i just wish that i knew about it last year.

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

Burzynski Clinic

Houston Texas


 they have anew treatment that is unlike any other from what i've heard. just thought i would pass it on.


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yes i am reminded of God's rich blessing whenever i read your posts. you are ministering God's love by talking of it, living it in your day and reminding others by encouragement. i was writing most for people who live in Texas and i think it is beneficial to pass positive info to whoever can access it. i hope that i will never need it but as you stated a couple of days ago and i need to read and reread your posts.(i always learn something new) the disease process starts in your mind and meditation actually brings about healing. i get forgetful so easily.