I Feel So Alone

my aged dad is dying and at first i was ok with that as we all die and he had lived a long life and a comfortable one. but the more that i read and understand the more i feel anger and frustation as his death is from being exposed to asbestos powder during the navy in wwII. it is not so much to make someone pay for this as it is that i desire to stand up and be counted as saying that THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, no one should die a horrible death because they were pawns in a war. maybe the govt didn't know ubut the companies did. maybe they needed thsi as fire protection or the whole ship might have caught fire. i don't know i just need to speak out .

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

We never lose the ones we love<br />
<br />
no distance can divide<br />
<br />
For every day in memories garden <br />
<br />
we all walk side by side.<br />
<br />
I find this quote gives me peace and strength. I hope it will help you in time to come.

i agree humans have sent the young and vulnerable to die on many military battles thru out time. humans condemn the innocent, babies and older folks to die in battles that they can't escape from. like Darfur. i wish that the world would change from as it is to what it was meant to be. i wish that i had an answer. i do not. i have always felt this way from early on. alll i can change is within myself and hope that those that are powerful will see a better way. when i wrote this about my dad i was in the depth of sadness and i thank you for being my listener and i am glad that another soul sees life better. and if we as humans can hold forth a better picture of what we want in our world, not what we are getting. maybe enough will also see and the realities will change. i know not. i am at peace of my dad's journey. i will not stay angry, i will not be apart of that energy. so i now project love unconditional love is the only way to change anything for the better.