Castration Is Quite Simple

With all the Ritalin we give over-energized children, the anti-biotics that we pass out like candy that can cause autism, & the countless ways we ruin people's lives by enforcing laws, I really don't see castration as THAT bad. ***** can even be stored, so as to not take away their right to have children. Having testicles myself, I know that achy blue ball feeling that drives me to excessive ************, and perhaps leads me to explore crazy fantasies. I think that testicles are much like fruit - easily plucked and naturally controlling of sexual desire. So for those males that, not just show, but act on their excessive sexual desire, I think that castration would be a very humane way of possibly "curing" them. Psychological attempts could be made first, but if those don't work, why not just "snip, snip." (It is very easy to do, and doesn't take long.) It amazes me to hear the statistics on how many man voluntarily get castrated, how many get vasectomies, and of course (proving how natural it is) how many males lose their testicles in common daily accidents. I'm a pretty tame guy, have never done anything wrong, and would NEVER sexually harass (or even disrespect) a woman, yet I could even see the benefits in castration. The whole thing seems very sexy to me, so maybe that pushes my opinion (it's hard to tell) but I also LOVE having my balls, so I think I'm being fairly fair.
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Considering the growing population of the earth, the crowding and the violence perhaps we should institutionalize the castration of excess males. Like breeding cattle or keeping deer populations controlled, castration of the males of the species is most efficient and convenient. Unfortunately for males their sex seed organs are outside the body so they are by default the eastiest sex to sterilize. It has been done throughout history so bringing it back would not be that far of a reach. If we get overpopulated enough it might even be LAW to castrate males at birth.....

We should simply dedramatize physical castration (chemical castration is already common for rapists, pedophiles, etc...). It takes between 15 and 30 minutes to remove an adult male's testicles, clip the tubes and the excess skin, and suture the remaining scrotum. It is commonly practiced on all male mammals, sometimes automatically, sometimes if their behavior is obnoxious to others, particularly to females. Removal of testicles by an approved surgeon should be compulsory for pedophiles and rapists past the age of 18, as well as for men above 18 who are inordinately aggressive. The testicles should be either destroyed or used for scientific research.

It should also be an easy procedure for those who volunteer to have them removed. Now you have to go a long long way and even then it is not sure you have them removed.

I know I want mine removed. I'd volunteer.

It should be easy to undergo surgery after you've been tested for all the physical and psychological reasons why you want it - of course if it is a punishment for criminal behavior it should be applied without bothering whether the male to be neutered agrees or not. In both cases however simple techniques should be applied, just thre same as for male mammals. The structure and size of human testicles makes them a lot easier to remove than horses' or bulls'.