Perception Of Change During Life

My dear Reader,

as you already can see by the title of the group this story belongs to, it´s about the perception that while walking along this wonderful path called life, change is the only buddy that keeps meeting us on various pit stops, crotches and occasionally even accompanies us on our way! And when it does, it takes us on this emotional rollercoaster that has the full scope of possible feelings for us! :-)


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Our home, is overrun, with love, friendship, and, alot of music....i hope to share that with you,soon....What's your favorite, song????


I am fullof fun,


and i am full of laughter, smiles, and life....and very adept, at changing, with every future step, I am about to take...even if I should stumble, or fall, along the way.....I will keep getting up.

thank you for sharing your story....