Wake Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live in pa, (lewisburg.) I have watched them stratigically place the chem-grid
from sun up to sun down. As the sun comes up, you will notice the first wave of lines(horizontal) these lines grow as the sun rises. By mid- afternoon these lines are enormous and they allow the sky to appear hazy. As these lines continue there intended trek, you will notice odd cloud bursts weaving in and out of the expanding trails. The amazing thing about this phenomenon is that people are denying that it is going on. How many times do we really look up and assess the sky? We don't.....that is until we wake up...Well, that is what the government is hopeing. Hopeing, that you continue dissmissing the obvious, shunning the messengers(call us crazy) and going about your lives like the puppet heads we can be......Wake Up use your voice for god sakes. There is an experiment or a program right above your heads.
fuzland fuzland
46-50, M
Dec 4, 2012