Well if you ask me to play chess - I can't - but to make your move is the whole concept of the game - STRATEGY - being limited to ep policy , I can't get the whole technique on the ground here - but to state - I Throw you a line - i see how you react and respond - is a technique of mine - in the art of combat - show an opponent your weak spot and they goes after it - leave a few spaces open in a convo and you will see who if friend or foe - when a person comes after your weak spot , you know and expect them to come at that already - what you have done is distract them into focusing on that weak spot - to deflect is to defend - and once you are done , they leave themselves wide open for you to impact your blow ( words to shatter what they are saying) in TRUTH! I got the whole thing explained and taught alot of people this on FB , but again, i can't take 9 months of stuff like this in all different topics , and techniques and bring to ep - to much typing.
Stephenrko Stephenrko
36-40, M
Aug 24, 2014