I don't believe spanking is abuse if done right. Spanking should be done out of love and the child should know why you are spanking them and know they are loved. You should never belittle the child or be condescending. I have imagined this but not ever had a proper spanking.
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I couldn't agree more. Spanking, like any punishment, can be abusive, but it is not abuse merely by its definition. All correction should be given with love and in the best interests of the one punished.

My sister and I were spanked growing up even as teens and we turned out just fine.

A strict upbringing did me a lot of good

Do you love your children or do you love spanking them?

Spankings are like antibiotics. Use them a lot, and you breed resistance. But if you use them sparingly, with a good indication, but then in an appropriate dose, they will cure most childhood illnesses of disobedience.

The most important thing after spanking a child is a cuddle to let them to you love them and the slate is clean, the reassurance works wonders

I agree!

I am sure even my son and daughter would agree with you despite the fact that they spend a lot of time across my lap.
Children will always need punishing.

I mean I agree that younger kids should get spanked but I'm 16 ... So I'm way too old for that

I don't want my boyfriend to spank me ?

I just don't like them . I would be spanked by my big brother if he wasn't away in the army .

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That's so weird

I'm not a bad kid so my parents don't have any reason to . I'm sorry if my comment came off as rude , I'm just curious as to why parents spank their teens

My parents never spanked me but my older bro does

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Getting it right is most of the battle and it helps very much to have had a "proper" spanking as you refer to it to use as a guide. Far too many posts on here from so-called "spanking/strict parents" talk about spanking as if its a reflex and its the ONLY tool they have in their toolboxes. You can't constantly beat on a child or older kid as the only means of discipline or correction.

you will be a good parent with that attitude

You are so right. A spanking given out of love does a lot of good in raising a child.

Yes I too believe of a child is misbehaving they should get, you know, a little spank on the butt but nothing brutal or a beating.