Isint The Same..

Im Sydney,Im 12 years old, And my house will never be the same at Christmas time. We used to throw a big party for the whole family,decorate the house with a huge train display and Lights,and a huge tree!But now..It isint the same.No Snow. No more more lights. no more trains.No more big trees.Just a little reef on the mirrior and a small tree that dosent even hold half of the ordiments we used to use. When i was 4 i got this cool little Nutcracker ordiment.He would move his arms and legs that where attacked to strings.but our "new" tree dosent fit the socket he needs..So now no more nutcracker eaither.My parents got me a new video game, so now i have to just sit by and watch as everyone else opens presents. its like it isint even christmas anymore..i look around the liveing room and it feels so..empty. i had to Convince them to even use a tree topper! what was once the best time of the year for me is turning into a endless time of Depression.All the kids at school ask when we are putting up our lights, Because everyone in town knows about all of them,(our house would be covered in lights from top to bottom) and it makes me want to cry when i have to explain that we wont put up any lights anymore..Our house even Won the Englewood Holiday House Deceration For 1997.
Nothing is the same anymore...Some people Dont Celebrate Christmas,And none of this would have any effect on them, But i do, And it breaks my heart.Ill stand outside now and wonder "Wheres the train in the window?" "Wheres the light that looks like Bells beside my window?" "Why isint the Light-bags Bordering Our Lawn?" Then i know.
Because christmas isint even Here anymore.
It used to be the only time i could see My Cousion,Uncle,Ant, Ect.Now, i only see them during our Reuions.And thats once every four or so years..
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Dec 2, 2012