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Why are they giving President Obama such a hard time? Are they concerned that he will do things for this country that no other president has been able to do? how come people don't realize that the government works for US not vice versa? Our taxes pay their bills!!

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The only reason the US is not "belly up" is that China, which has the largest collection of government bonds, is willing to wait. Our bond rating has dropped from AAA to AA because of the last budget battle.<br />
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My suggestion is to reduce the off-shore tax rate to 5%. <br />
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W's policies would have destroyed the middle class -- and that means putting this society back to the 1800's.

They are upset, like it or not, that a Black Man who is very well spoken is President, that destroyed their myth. Mr. Obama speaks in terms that we the people understand, he interacts with us instead of having a Stealth VP who who was only interested in his own and the GOP's fortune. Mr. Obama is much more approachable the the previous Admin--they had (have) their own agenda.<br />
If they are so worried about the deficit let them contribute, pay their own health costs in full, take a realistic salary cut, cut out all the "Perks", shorten the campaing season, campaign on issues not attacks, quit spending all That money on, cut out the junkets, be in contact with the electorate, quit being ****** to the Lobbyists, earn some respect, and really put some teeth into regulations instead of pooh-poohing these worthless laws we have now (no exemptions-Do the crime, do the time) be responsible and finally--- Compromise and Cooperate. They need to look at the real world not their own little La La Lands, And...... Quit supporting with their appearances the blowhards on Talk Radio and the Fair and Balanced News channel. There work to be done, things need to be repaired here, we need to take care of the people--the Media is NOT the people let those buffoons find their own issues (and they DO have them- they won't fess up and talk about them, could it be they feel entitled?--well bully me!).

oh, yea. I keep telling them that I don't want to live in Brazil. They have no idea of what I'm talking about.<br />
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The only thing that they are concerned about conserving is their money. The rest of what they say is calculated to make them popular.<br />