Crooked Cops

I think most cops sometimes do their jobs the easy & lazy way. & they discriminate against people with mental illnesses. They hear someone tell them I have a mental illness, & they automatically tell me they don't believe me when people abuse me, like family or people trying to take advantage of me, & I verbally defend myself, & they get violent. & they lie to the cops, saying that I'm crazy & hit myself. & the cops tell me to shut up & make threats to arrest ME & the abusers run free. OR, when I make an assault or rape police report, the cops say they don't believe me, using my mental illness against me. I suffer OCD, anxiety, depression, & Tourette's. It's not like I'm schizophrenic, delusional, psychotic, or bipolar. & I've been rough-handled & abused by the cops myself.

Or in a domestic argument, they just get lazy & wanna throw EVERYONE in jail, without caring to hear anyone's side of the story. I'm DEATHLY afraid & traumatized by cops.

otad12 otad12
31-35, F
Mar 11, 2009