And the Worst Part Is...

Most cops I know are no more than bullies who couldn't get a real job.

Sounds harsh I know but in my world this is reality.

One bad cops word can overrule most anything said by the accused or the victom in a court of law.

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my faverite kind of cop is a dead cop

I think they are more careful to not cross the line with the cameras on. Wouldn't that make more sense?

I don't think they are bullies. Sometimes on the show Cops they get carried away in front of the camera. They say "get on the ground" as they fling the perp to the ground. Then about five of them sit on him as the perp says "I'm on the ground, I'm on the ground". But, that is just to make the show more vivid. I've never seen that in real life.

A detective not far from here was shown on video knocking an elderly man to the ground at Wal-Mart for attempting to see his receipt as he exited the store.<br />
<br />
He was slapped on the wrist with what amounted to a few weeks vacation. (PAID)<br />
This wasn't his first time getting into violent situations with the public in general.<br />
<br />
What would happen to you or I if we did similar deeds?<br />
I wonder.

lol that says more than you think RF...

No comment


Most of these comments seem to be coming from the south.<br />
<br />
Thanks for the comment Lovis4u..

Mstrling, my friend, it seems there are to many people who feel this way. <br />
Who else but a bully would want to become a cop in the first place? It sure isn't for the money... and to serve and protect is almost a laughable reason these days.<br />
Very few seem interested in doing such.

Seems to be more the norm around here. : )<br />
<br />
It seems that anything that the departments can't confiscate money or property, or make a name for themselves is neglected or filed away.<br />
<br />
That is the way it seems in my town anyway.

Yes, there are cops on this site, Blue. My husband, ballznbattz, is a retired cop who was injured and almost died in the line of duty.<br><br />
Please read my story:<br><br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a><br><br><br />
Yes, there are bad cops, but after reading my post I think you will know where I stand on this issue. Thank you.

lol Thanks I really needed a laugh tonight.<br />
<br />
You found the wrong story by the way. lol

: ) I respect your opinion.. Kiddo

Your to young to have a opinion here. lol<br />
<br />
Just kidding.

These kind of things happen everyday.<br />
Maybe I should change this story to research others experiences. A new story all together.<br />
Let me think.

Ya, granted there are some good cops out there that are fair, but i haven't met any except one time. They have way too much power, the very first dui i got after my divorce i was mouthiing off to the cop while sitting in the back seat after being cuffed, saying stuff like im sure you never had a beer in your life right? he's all nope! and i called him a liar.<br />
<br />
Well long story short i was getting on his nerves and he said to his partner, we should take her out in the woods over there as we were passing by some woods, and he sounded serious to me, i got quiet because it scared me and then he came back with well that shut her up. Not only did he scare the **** out of me but he had slammed me to the ground because i had backed away from him when he tried to put on the cuffs and i got charged with resisting arrest and a dui, in jail i remember my face on the right side had a huge ugly bruise from him slamming my face into a rock and i was crying too because it hurt, and remember i was drunk, and i still felt that.<br />
<br />
Anyways, his partner was a black guy and i don't think he agreed with the white dude that acted so aggressively and on the way he treated me and spoke to me, the black guy could see i was toasted and just chuckeled a little about stuff i said, but the other dude took me way too serious. I mean if you're a cop and arrest people intoxicated you can't really take there bs coming out there mouth personally. Obviously they're not gonna be happy going to jail, but that doesn't give the cop a right to basically act the same way as the people he is arresting.<br />
<br />
The schock on the black cops face throughout this whole ordeal showed me it wasn't just me thinking he was not controlling this situation well and let me get to him. I think the black cop was in training and afraid to say anything, but i could tell by his facial ex<x>pressions he did not approve and was slightly shocked and not sure what he could or should do about it.<br />
<br />
He kept pretty quiet but i could tell he didn't want to. Anyways, i did my 5 days and got out, but didn't take it court what he did to me or anything, cause at the time i honestly believed it would be a waste of time for me. I would take it to court now if something like that happened, but i was going through a rough divorce at the time and had enough of court dates etc...

Maybe that's why I have trouble sleeping nights?

These assumptions are based on my own experiences.<br />
I hope yours are correct and not mine. : )

True, there are a few good cops.<br />
I think there are more bad cops than good though.

I think the whole devil's work thing is a big stretch, to be honest. Corrupt cops are just men who cannot handle the responsibilty of upholding the law without taking advantage of their position within it.

ok this is all i have to say...911 is the police number in america right , well check out 911 throughout history the numbers 9 and 11 together usually mark nothing but troble, also here in england we have whats that upside down.....cops are doing the devils work...i rest my case. I have been hit on numerous times by police, and they do tend to get leachy and stalkerish, although i wouldnt say more than any other men, its just when you see the uniform it lulls you into a false sense of security!. I have been followed by a policeman, the same policeman several times. Once he stopped me with two male friends in my car he made us all get out of the car and took our names etc, then he came over to me and said ummm i dont want to embarass you or anything but both of these men are saying they are your boyfriend..i said yes thats right!, hilarious one was my boyfriend the other was the father of my son, so technically they both were my boyfriends..a few weeks later he stopped me again, and once again asked for all my details i said officer dibble i gave them to you last time you stopped me you must remember im the one with the two boyfriends!!...the last time he followed me i must admit i saw him first gave him a toot toot and a wave, then he stopped me again i said officer you'll have my boyfriends thinking you fancy me if your not careful, so i asked and what is it this time your stopping me for, to which his sidekick said well it may have something to do with you tooting your horn and waving!!!!...i guess he had a point there...hilarious.

*rolls eyes*

okay Mello biting them doesn't count...

I tried that once.<br />
I cried...

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Seems we are in agreement.<br />
<br />
Wonder if there are any cops on this site.<br />
I doubt they would comment...

Without going into detail i have seen this on more than one occasion too ;(

The worst experience I ever had with a cop was when I worked third shift at a gas station. <br />
<br />
He came to the station one night to buy a pop and I let him in because he was a cop, and, silly me, I trusted him. We talked for a while and he hit on me. Well, I made it perfectly clear to him that I had a boyfriend and I thought that was that.<br />
<br />
WRONG!!! He started coming by all the time. I never let him in again, but he would sit in his car outside the window and just stare at me. Then he started calling me at the station all hours of the night and talking dirty to me. I was afraid to say anything because who would believe a 23 yr old cashier over a "seasoned" police officer.<br />
<br />
After a while he either got tired of me ignoring him or he found someone else to harass.

I have had a few run in's myself and I can tell you first hand,cops are jerks! They dont care what-so-ever what your circumstances are at all! The only thing they see is a quota to be met!!!!!!! I have even been,so many times, on the good side ,and they still dont care!!

I have had a few run ins with the system.<br />
Never seemed to be fair.