Courtney Did Not Kill Kurt

They loved eachother. They had a child. Kurt shot himself. Your all looking for someone to blame because you don't want to believe that your idol, didn't want to be your idol anymore. I love Kurt, and its sad that he killed himself. But he couldn't deal with all the fame and becoming the thing he hated: mainstream music. Courtney is hard-faced and she's a *****, but if she's guilty of murder then why isn't she in prison? Not enough evidence. And considering she's a celebrity and everything about her life was and is in the press then that only means one thing. Your all wrong!
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Everyone IS entitled to their opinion.

**** your like a kid were you even alive when he was? But back to topic we people are entitled to our opinions and views, second you haven't done much research because even her father believes she had a hand in his death. Their is also recorded phone calls about her arranging to have him killed but she cleverly manage to leave state when it all took place. On top that the amount of drugs in his system would of prevented him actually being able to lift that gun. So yeah like I said do better research, cobain case files is an interesting watch that features Courtney's dad saying he believed she had a part in it. But also again we all have our theories and were entitled to them.