Gifts In Disguise

I have come to believe that, in particular, difficult circumstances are our greatest teachers. When we come to find this, then we see the gift that such situations bring. We attract what we are needing to 'wake us up' to reality, because we get so wrapped up in our own version of it.  Precious others come along and give us a hand in sorting through our truths. Some are meant to stay for a time, some are meant to move on. Some come and go in and out of our lives.

We are truly blessed by those who lend us a hand, and by those who push us into seeing something about ourselves that we previously have missed.  Such experiences can be painful and very difficult to go through, but without such a push, we would likely stay in the comfort zone of our life long patterns, views and behaviours, just because they are familiar.  Even when dysfunctional to our lives, familiarity brings comfort.  It takes a loving push (even when it doesn't feel so loving) by someone or even circumstances themselves, to get us to see there is something more, something better, something bigger than the niches we have created for ourselves.

Of course, the one lending a hand in doing the pushing most often does not know of the role they are playing, nor of the impact.  But even those most difficult people in our lives have a role in teaching us, and sometimes those who love us most can also have the most power to play such a role for us.

It's not only the people involved, but the situations and circumstances themselves, that 'do' the teaching.  Life itself is our greatest teacher. 

In any and all cases, when we truly see the gifts that such people and circumstances bring, we can't help but be filled with gratitude.  And love.  

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Thanks, Des :)

Hi butterflyval -- your friend must really care about you if you've hurt her and she has stayed so loyal to you. Do her proud and return her love by getting the help you need for yourself. Best wishes to you, peace and light. ~Dee

I have a best friend for 20 years. She is the purest angel in the world. I am addicted to abuse. I keep getting into abusive realtionships. I am hurting her. We love one another and when we make love it is like fire works. She has come and gone in my life. We always find eachother. She is here to guid me. Without her I would not be seeking help.<br />
Her influence has guided me. She is so persistent and caring.

And what a persistent illusion it is! lol Thanks, Lou. I'm coming to see this as differing 'levels', or planes - as you say, that we exist on. We need to relate on this one we interact in, which has it's own set of 'rules' and laws, but it is good to keep what you say in mind when we get too wrapped up in this level or plane -- I can't seem to have too many reminders of this. It seems to be all about finding that balance...

Circumstances.... are what living on this plane of existence is about.. they are after all an experience.<br />
Too often we see our lives as reality.. it is not.. Reality is an illusion, an illusion we compound with our own versions of the reality we have created... and it is such a limited reality.<br />
<br />
The limits of this place we live in are fixed.. fixed by the laws of physics that created our world, our universe. Yet, in what we see as a vast and endless world and universe.. it is but the start of our grand illusion. There is so much more... to our world and it turn, ourselves.<br />
<br />
All that is known, all the worlds, galaxies, even the emptiness of space are but a small fraction (5%) of what there is... Yet, the rest (95%) is unknown, as unknown as we are in this life of illusion.<br />
................................................... Lou

Yes, I was thinking this as well -- sometimes we are pushed, and sometimes we do the pushing, and this may be conscious or it may be quite unconscious. It does make you take a step back, doesn't it? When it comes to relating with others. But all we can ever do, is try our best. We do the best we can, and when we know better, we do better. I learned that last bit on Dr. Phil, lol, which I used to watch, but rarely watch tv anymore. But it is true. And a key insight to make.