I cant stand the dreams where your teeth fall out. I know it means something but I am not sure what. I believe all dreams have a meaning to them. Well....some dreams anyways. You can usuallly tell the differences. It is a different feeling when you wake up.

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I had a recurring dream about teeth falling and even after a year or two the dream picks up right after the last one.
I have found two different interpretations one is if You are pulling the out by force is because you want to be different from who you are to be accepted by someone.
If they are falling by themselves it mean that there's changes in your life that are maturing you or are forcing you to mature or change who you are or the idea of yourself

I have these sort dreams too, its mainly due to falling asleep with aches or pain in your mouth. I am going through the painful stage of wisdom teeth growing through my gums and thats why i dream about losing all my teeth because my brain becomes stressed about the pain its feeling. SOme people fear teeth or have a fear of losing them and it stresses the brain so that when you are relaxing and sleeping that its the first thing your brain turns too.

it means you're stressed :)

Your teeth may signify something important in your life and loosing it obviously reflect that.........moreover it may depend on the dream itself. God bless.

oh man, I had a dream where my teeth were falling out, and I was like "this has to be a dream, this can't really be happening, WAKE UP!", but nothing happened, so I thought it was real! that was bad...