Oh Yes They Are

Dreams are very important to me. They symbolize my subconscious but at the same time, they can also warn me of things to come. I have had dreams that have saved me when I listened to them. I had some psychic ones here and there. They have been very helpful to me throughout my life.

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I'm sorry I have not seen this sooner. I have been very busy but it sounds to me like he may be after you.....I am not pointing fingers at anyone but what exactly did you do to him? And what do you mean by "attacks". I'm a bit disturbed.

Can you help me?<br />
On March 20th 2008 My Ex Boyfriend of today's Committed Suicide, The only thing he left was a note saying "Love you and miss you all forever. Thank Alice for ******* up my life. 1:12. 1 ******* 12. Remember that Alice" <br />
Ever Since that i have put almost full blame towards myself and my attacks, However 3months later i found someone New, He is Everything i could ever ask for.. The first night i stayed at his flat, I woke up in the Morning feeling like i was being strangled, its felt so Real, Yet i can't understand it, Can you help?