My Prayer Dream

Last I prayed, asking god for guidance with my spirituality and if I should continue seeking Islam. I couldn't sleep afterward so I took 3 Melatonin which knocked my butt out. I almost never remember my dreams when I take even 1. While I was sleeping I had the most interesting dream. 

I was outside of Wallgreens in my car. I was wearing a hijab that I kept adjusting and making sure was still there, I never actually saw it but I felt the material on my head and around my shoulders. When I looked down I saw I was wearing tight jeans which is normal for me because regular jeans fall off due to having virtually no definition to my hips and butt. When I saw them I thought, "These are inappropriate. I need to go home and change."

The next thing I knew I was walking into a dark room wearing a long skirt instead and in the room were 8 - 10 year old girlssitting in a circle all wearing hijabs, black. I spoke to them and was talking to them about something, as if it were a class. Then I woke up.
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May 18, 2012