Pretty Funny/weird/crazy/messed Up Dream.

At first I seem to have a normal fantasy fun with fictional characters, and then suddenly a friend of mine that I think might have a crush on me when we were smaller told me that the egg hatched and a giant monster came out of it (I have no idea where the egg part came from), then we rushed to some kind of garage, and took grenades, and when we came out ready to attack the monster, the monster was outside of the garage waiting for us and we ran, found an escalator and then ran up it, and the monster was still waiting for the escalator to go up waiting patiently and that was when i told every person about to use the escalator to go away, and threw the grenades to the monster while my friend shot at it, after smoke dispersed, the monster was...Pissed and chased us to the game arcade, where suddenly someone random came to the monster and...there was a zipper, and the person inside the monster costume just went away talking with the person before who came towards the monster. And i said how crazy that was to my friend. And apparently he chose that moment to confess his love on me, and then I think time fast forwarded or something, because I was on a date with him, and apparently he liked to be... err the girlfriend instead of the boyfriend...And I think I crazily liked that and kissed him. After that we went to the game arcade and played until suddenly my other friend said this...: "***, We have to fix ****...He's been like that ever since Kevin is gone..." And POOF my dream goes away, as I was apparently shocked out of my dream to wake up at 6 AM, and.... Can someone pretty please tell me if this dream means I'm into err.... Feminine boys or my friend REALLY likes me or IM the one who unconsciously likes him??? Hmmm,....
1WillSurvIve 1WillSurvIve
13-15, F
May 19, 2012