Can You Help Me?

I've had many dreams that I believe each one means something. There was one where I was at a friends birthday party and I fell asleep in the middle of it. I had a feeling there was a reason why but don't know it yet. If anyone can please tell me what they think it means, I would be forever greatful.

Every dream I've had there is someone protecting me...guiding me. Until that one day.

I'm walking down a black path. Everything is black around me. In fact it's almost like I'm walking on air. There is no solid ground...there are no smells...nothing...I don't know how I can's just something that I can do. I see a figure up ahead laying there. I'm starting to feel panic as I get closer. It's a wolf. I know her. She's laying there, her body ripped apart and hanging by mere pieces of flesh. She's laying on a bed of white snow but there is no blood.

The feeling of dread...

The feeling haunted me forever it seemed. That wolf laying there was my protector. Every dream I have someone is trying to kill me. I never get killed because she was there. She was searching for someone and never found them. She has been with me since I was a little girl...she was my comfort...She's gone now and I've never felt complete again.

Ayra Ayra
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 20, 2008

Often death in dreams is death of a part of the ego that needs to die to make room for something else to be born. Sometimes things or people in dreams are dis-membered so that they can be re-membered. Read Women Who Run With the Wolves. You might like it since you may be one.