I Went To Meet Him

In my dreams I went far away to meet my lover. It was a cold night, we sat near a fire uder the blue sky, with stars above..but I felt warm..and there was a glowing light.
I saw his face..once..and then in my dreams..I died.He buried me on that ground where we were earlier sitting. The grave was filled with roses..then it started to rain..my lover disappeared and left me alone ..in the dark..no lights..just cold breeze..it was so cold..I was shivering..no coffee...no water..I was dead..so nothing ..then I remembered..that I will never meet anyone..my last voyage from my bed to him...was my last encounter.
Then I saw him smiling and laughing, with another woman..and I felt sad..but then I was dead..he was not..he was alive and well..and more happy than ever.
I felt jealous..thenĀ felt numb.. dead in real ;)
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Are your dreams in colour or black & white may I ask? They seem very real and vivid I must say,,,,


this dream is a mirror of reality.

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really :)

or.... your fear.

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i wish it was just your fear, or just a false dream.

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it was a false dream

are you saying this just to ease me, you are a nice person with a nice heart.

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hmmm..did I make you feel so ;)

No, you didn't made me feel that,

it is just what i felt.

only you knows what i felt is right or wrong.

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