Overwhelming Apocalyptic Dream

**As some back story my grandmother (present in the dream) died when I was 6 or so. Not long after we bought and moved into her house. Which is where the dream takes place. I'm not very spiritual as far as the Christian faith goes but my grandmother was. Also my dream contains a book, one I'm pretty sure I've dreamt of many years prior to this dream, I had found the book hidden near the woods of my house. In that dream she was still alive and lived with us in our (technically her) house. But as much as I wanted to she wouldn't allow me to open it.**

My dream started out with a lot of my family, and some people I didn't know. we were outside on our patio, It was night time but there was lightening that occasionally flickered so it was easier to see. There was a constant dull wind, and the air was thick, a lot like before a really bad summer storm.

The sky was talking ...We were being told of something I could only assume be something like an Apocalypse. But I don't actually remember what it said. We asked questions to the sky like where and why this was happening- i again don't remember any of the answers if there were any. During this two leopards came out of the woods beside my house and wouldn't stop following me around.
At this time wind picked up and as it did my grandmothers voice whispered with the gusts first she said "when?" I'm assuming because none of us asked and then "it's very dark, let me shed some light" and a light, very similar to sunlight, shone onto the patio,but otherwise inside the house was dark. the last thing she said is "He is love and light"

The dream jumped to people going to bed, I was at the bottom of the stair way and I mistook one of the leopards as my dog , and patted it on the head. After realizing it was actually a leopard I got scared and i slapped it. It made a quiet growl but didn't attack, and they both just proceeded to follow my boyfriend and I up the steps anyway.

As I got partway up the steps I realized there was a blonde girl on the couch who's face was SO familiar but I couldn't think of her name in the dream(nor can I in real life), and i bantered with my boyfriend about not wanting to address her as "little girl" so i finally said

"i'm sorry but your name escapes me, there's a room upstairs with bunk beds in it if you go to the door on the right" (The room on the right was my old room. when my sister and I used to share it we did have bunk beds but in reality it's now my parents room, with just one large bed).
After I shut the door to my room the dreamed jumped to me paging through an old book, I don't know if it was just me reading in my head or what but I didn't fully recognize the voice, like it was my voice but it sounded much older. The voice narrated the book's pictures that were in it, One picture was of a green field with a big pointy rock in the middle of it, and I read "this is the cut off line, many moved here knowing they would die here"
As i continued through it the pictures came alive in the book as if they were memories, One was of older children with big red flesh wounds,they almost resembled burns. The next was of people ripping the clothes off of a man and he was malnourished and screaming. On that page a voice whispered "are you around?" - I'm not sure if the voice was in my room or from the book, either way I didn't acknowledge it with a response.

The last page I looked at was one was of babies covered in what looked like blood, and guts and filth, and they were screaming and as I stared at it my body got really tense and it felt like there was a ton of weight on me, and that's when i woke up.

I have no idea what this dream could mean, it was so overwhelming. especially what was in the book, even typing up that part gave me goosebumps.
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Are the leopards actual leopards or jackals? If they are the latter, which I believe them to be, you are dreaming of a biblically perfect apocalypse.

They were definitely leopards, or panthers. I can't remember exactly, but they were a large breed of wild cat.

All of the simbols point to one thing.
Your key to the Dream is your Grandmother and what she said, she is talking about Jesus . The wind is not your friend, even if it sounds like he wants to be your friend he is the Devil, the old book is the Bible and the pointed rock in the green field is Jesus too. The girl, the leopards and the images I can't figure them out. But I recommend you to read the Bible starting from the new testament so that you can understand what your Grandmother said.