Dreams Become Reality Sometimes.

About twenty-eight years ago, my grandmother, who was 106 years old, was very ill and not expected to live. So my mother and I left the state in which we lived to go to the state where my grandmother lived, to help take care of her in her last remaining days. It was me, my mother, and 2 aunts that cared for my grandmother.  I was married at the time and my daughter was 2 years old.  I had to leave her at home with my husband while I was gone to help with my grandmothers care.  My husband had cheated on me several times during our marriage, and while I was gone, he obviously decided to continue cheating.  He decided to move out of the house, with our daughter and move in with a new girlfriend.  So I had to take a bus back home to get my daughter and bring her back to the state where my grandmother was. My mother went with me.  While I was on the bus, and before I really knew that my husband had a new girlfriend, I had a dream about him being with someone else.  I even knew who the girl was.  When I told my mother, she said that she wouldn't pay too much attention to the dream because my husband didn't really know this girl, (he had only met her once). Well when we got back home to the state where we lived and picked my daughter up from pre-school, my daughter looked at me and said, "guess what mommy, daddy has a bew girlfriend and her name is Kim."  My mom just couldn't believe it.  It was the same girl I had dreamed that he was with.  We got divorced and he and the girl didn't stay together long after that. I raised our daughter and he had no contact with her after about the first year or two, and that was only every now and then through letters.  So sometimes dreams do try to warn you of things to come. I do believe that. I believe that God is sending you a message while you sleep sometimes because you are too busy the rest of the time to hear Him.

RainbowsandAngels RainbowsandAngels
51-55, F
Sep 10, 2008