Dream Analysis.

i totally believe in dream analysis...idk how true some of the books are, but i believe that things happen in dreams because they are the minds way of telling you things that you dont want to admit to yourself.


Note: i totally wrote that all while talking to someone outside my room and having my head turned away from the computer..NOT A SINGLE MISTAKE...so freaking scary...im going to get struck by lightning now. X_X

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i have lots of dreams of having 2 childern a boy and a girl that are twins all the time and i belive that the dream teles u about your self but also your future u just have to inturpeted it the right way

i agree 100%. :) <br />
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i think just thinking about all the possibilities that it could be about its amazing..i do believe some of what the books say...sometimes ive had dreams about being chased, and then had a friend betray me or whatever..its kinda amzing how many times what the books say ends up being real..too many times to be ALL coincidences..idk..just really interesting stuff. :)

i think the best dream analysis is self, only you can know what your dreams mean to you