Yes It Is!

As a new Dom in the D/s lifestyle I must first admit that i thought the D/s relationship WAS just about sex! Wow, after doing my research and finding the best sub one could ask for I have found out how wrong I was. In the beginning I thought wow this is going to be great! I'll get my sub to do everything I ask and if she refuses I get to punish her! What a Life! Then I met a master and began my studies. Holy crap was I wrong! Although I feel there are many Dom's such as MYSELF that enter into the lifestyle with the same notion that we get to have all the power and all the sex we want. Well keep on thinking that and you won't be a Dom, you'll just be another person with a power ego.

Here is how I found out that D's is more than sex:

First of all with my mentors and studies I found out I had to actually care for my sub! WTH! Funny thing was I didn't have an issue with this because I already cared deeply for the sub that was entering the lifestyle with me.

Second thing I learned is that there has to be GREAT two way communication! WTH again! I thought is was just do as I say or pay the price. LOL. But I sucked in my stomach and pushed out my chest and said okay I can do this. By the way this is the best advice I got regarding the lifestyle. Communication is the key for me!

Third thing was I had to treat my sub with respect. WTH! Everything thing I thought I knew about the D/s relationship never included "RESPECTING" anyone but myself. LMAO Shows how naive I was! But once again this was not hard for me since I already cared for my sub prior to the journey.

My relationship is a LDR and the sex is great! However if you don't have the three things I mentioned that's all it will be is sex. I am currently on top of the world with the journey we are on and there are days when sex is not even mentioned. So to all who want to load up for the journey I suggest you get some mentor's and do a lot of homework because if you are anything like I was you WILL think the D/s relationship is all about sex and in my opinion it will be a short journey.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

a lot of potential 'good' dom/masters
don't know...
- what it takes
-how to take care of others, before themselves
-that when you bind a slave/sub that their attached to the other end.