Born With It

every child is born with a hunger to learn

that is what motivates them to learn to walk and talk

you have to teach your children to dislike learning

and that should be a crime

librakitty05 librakitty05
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8 Responses Feb 18, 2009

they ARE deluded if they think they can do anything

YAY!! Libra stand your ground. I am backing you up 100%!

no they are not deluded<br />
they are our future and I hope that they will continue on the paths that they are on<br />
because if they do <br />
our future will be awesome<br />
especially with my youngest

then they are deluded

You are so right Libra..learning is more than just going to is taking in the world. There is so much that we dont know and I believe we were created to learn. Thanks for this story!

my even though two of my children are grown and out of the house<br />
all three crave new experiences and want to learn want to know more about the world and about them selves and because of that the world is open to them and they can do anything

education isn't freedom beyond basic reading writing and math<br />
<br />
after that its false hope

i agree my friend