Worse Than Physical Abuse

And probably worse. Unlike being beaten physically, being beaten emotionally doesn't leave a visible bruise only an emotional one. This is why its not viewed as a crime. There has to be visible evidence for something to be treated as a crime. Meanwhile, so many people are abused like this.

The definition of Emotional Abuse:

"the debasement of a person's feelings that causes the individual to perceive himself or herself as inept, not cared for, and worthless."

From: http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/emotional+abuse

In other words emotional abuse happens when someone is being constantly put down and insulted. Lets just say hypothetically that someones mother called her daughter a "stupid lazy *****, who's just like that useless alcholic father of hers, and who will never amount to anything."

The thing about emotional abuse is that eventually the daughter being abused will begin to believe that she is nothing but a "stupid lazy *****, who's just like that useless alcholic father of hers, and who will never amount to anything."

If she does, then what happens to the motivation to be anything better than that?

Its gone.

This is worse than physical abuse, long after the bruise left by a punch has faded, the scars left by being told you're worthless would still be there.



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The problem is how do you define it so that it's punishable. The definition "the deba<x>sement of a person's feelings that causes the individual to perceive himself or herself as inept, not cared for, and worthless" is really quite vague. It leaves a lot for interpretation.

The unfortunate ting about this is, the belief is that a child is seen not heard, its the saddest thing to even consider such a thing. A child should always be part of the family structure. They are what makes a family in the first place.

Those feelings or being worthless or stupid always are there! But there is another side to emotional abuse and neglect; the difficulty of being able to connect to one's own emotions and feelings and wondering if you should even be allowed to feel any emotions. You wonder if your own emotions have any validation at all! When I was a child and even in my teen years my family would not listen to me and would even get mad at me for expressing my own opinions and feelings!! And they wonder why I act aloof!!!

I'd like to make a comment on a couple of postings if I may. One of what endlessnight mention is so true. The thing with verbal and emotional abuse can stay with a person for a life time, whether its hidden in the back of there minds, its still there until somthing stirs the memory of such abuse. The only way a person can move on from this is to get professional help and heres why. In alot of cases the person whether they are a man or a woman who is being abused may in most cases do the same thing to there own children. Its an ongoing pattern. There are some laws that protect a person who has been through this, not on a criminal lever, more so on a civil lawsuit matter. Punitive damages may be awarded as well as accured costs from physicological treatment and so on. If you see or hear of such abuse as well as physical abuse, report it right away. You may save a life. Get involved in your comunity that supports help groups.

I dont cry because of it anymore, I got no tears left. But still it hurts, I wonder if it is just me attaching to this feeling (that would prove how pathetic I am) or is just that I was made for suffering.

Well, I was abused like that during all my primary school and I had to attend to a psychologist to be "reintegrated" to a normal school life. However I feel like I dont belong, you know, like Im not worth of being with anybody. Yes I have friends and I have happy times, but whenever someone starts to yell at me or calling me names I cant help but to want to cry.

Sometimes they don't even have to yell or call names. All they have to do is tell you that you aren't good enough for that promotion or you haven't the personality for that job......then I go right back to where I started. Lonely, scared and worthless person I have always known I was.

I know what it did to my daughter and there has to be someway ,somehow to change the laws that protect abusers.