Understanding Emotions/ Understanding Your Self

We're just as much feeling beings as we are thinking. Emotions and feelings are just as important a part of our being as logic and reasoning. The fact that we do not understand our emotions as well as we do our thoughts does not mean that we should dismiss them. You're not meant to understand your emotions with your head straight away. Although you should still try to understand them, it is not the end of the world if you don't. Learn what triggers these emotions. is it something you don't like that repeatedly happens? An action, a thought, an event?

Your emotions are simply feelers. In a sense they are more intelligent than your brain because they tell you that something is not quite right even before your brain has caught on to what is actually going on. Those are our feelers. Part of our intuition. Don't dismiss them just because you cannot make a clear distinction of what they are or where they come from and you do not know how to deal with them. Pay attention to them and make an attempt to resolve those emotions within yourself.

That's just my opinion.
Scorpio1987 Scorpio1987
22-25, M
1 Response Sep 18, 2012

Understanding myself, my feelings and emotions, is absolutely essential to me. It brings peace into my life. And while trusting my intuition has never let me down, logic and reasoning have proved me wrong more times than I care to remember. So I've learnt to always pay close attention to what my intuition is telling me.

It's a balance we all have to learn to achieve Spring and I think we never stop learning how to center ourselves either. Thank you for the comment. It's great to hear from you, it's been a while. Hope all is well. :-)

I know it's all about balance, although it's often difficult for me to find it. All is fine, Scorpio, thanks. Hope your world is good too!

My world is spinning as it should, right side up. That's all I can ask for right now and I am happy with that. :-) Well, as for balance? As we have discussed at length before, that is something which we will always strive to achieve.