I Need a Fix

I should put it down....I should walk away......but I can't. One more click.....I'll just read my messages.....I'll just check a story or two........I'll only answer the question of the day. THEN I will turn it off and get to work. Never seems to work out that way. Throughout the day I need a little taste.....it keeps calling to me and I go back every time. Oh the power that it has over me-lol

I'm not complaining though

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13 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Ah....the smart comment of the day - lol

Moron .

Yes....20 minutes goes by in the bl<x>ink of an eye :)

Soon it wont make a difference if its sunny-lol<br />
Such is the power of EP :)

I only just found EP and already can't get enough. Good thing its cold and rainy outside so I have an excuse.

Me too :)

Thanks Marcus....I cant help it, I am addicted to answering those questions ;)

Bass: snowy is indeed the "EP answer a question" queen...LOL...:)

I never log out. I finally faced up to my addiction and now am a slave to it. I love every minute!

Oh gosh I am suffering from this as well. Just a PM, answer a question, comment on a story, see what friends are online....I'm so addicted!

lol<br />
It may yet come to that :)

OMG - I feel this way !! I need EP methadone :)

Good thing I'm the boss or I'd have to fire myself-lol