I love EP, too.

I love to read and write  stories but  my all time favorite  is  keeping  in touch with  the wonderful friends I have met here on EP that I wouldn´t have had the opportunity to meet ,otherwise.

They are what make this site such a great place to come to.
It gets a tad boring, though, when the EP Drama Kings and Queens start acting up, creating profiles, creating personas, deleting profiles, announcing departures, blocking people, adding people to their cliques and dropping them again, but thankfully they are the minority and easy to spot and ignore, so we can continue enjoying EP as the social and support network it really is.

Kudos to all those who make valuable contributions to EP and I am glad to hear there are more EP addicts like myself out there .

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Sigh....I intended to give EP up for Lent. I lasted/fasted only six days. : - (

Count me in ... I keep running late all day because I am on EP when I should be doing other things.<br />
I agree with your observations UC.<br />
Well said

Hi, my name is Qaz and I'm an EPaholic. I use EP sporatically, throughout the day. When I don't use EP, I think about using EP. I wonder who is on and what they're writing. I want to gesture often when it just isn't appropriate to do so in public. And....I don't....wanna.....quit. EVER!

It's all about the drugs, uc...<br />
<br />
Um, ahem, I mean, the love....<br />
<br />
yeah, that's it..the love...LOL<br />
<br />