Two Sweet Dogs

Over last Christmas (2012) my good friend asked me if I was willing to care for her mother's animals so her mom could see her other daughter's family. I agreed and flew from Oregon to Indiana (there was no one locally my friend trusted enough to care for her mom's pets). She had 4 dogs and 3 cats. I flew out 4 days early (my friend lives in California) so I could get to know the dogs before her mom left. Then my friend came, which was a real treat to see her. She said it was extremely bizarre to see me there, out of context. But a little later they both left for Washington State. Everything went well but two of the dogs were quite old and sick. Tizzy, a golden retriever could hardly walk and Hinze, a sweet German Shepherd had cancer in his spine and had a lot of trouble working his hind legs.
When my friend's sister and mother returned it was decided that these two dogs had to be put to sleep. We took them to the vet who examined them and confirmed that euthanasia was the best course of action. We got down and started loving the dog scratching his ears and rubbing his belly. The doctor put the needle into the dog's vain (the dog didn't even flinch) and injected the blue stuff. The dog looked at me, put his head down as if he were sleepy and simply passed away. The other dog went much the same way. I thought, if I were suffering from some disease to which there was little or no hope of a cure and a lot of pain, I'd want that done to me. Have my friends and family with me, loving me, comforting me while the doctor injected the blue stuff. I'd just go to sleep.

I often wonder about our society. Most people believe in some sort of afterlife. In most cases it's a place free of pain and hardship, yet we do everything possible to keep our loved ones alive. Even if the things that are done are very painful. To keep them alive for just a little longer. Another few months or few weeks. In some cases it might even be for only a few hours. Why? If you truly believe in an afterlife free of pain and hardship, why the HELL would you work so hard to keep your loved one alive?
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It is because ..we love them and want to see them..the very thought of losing them makes us sad/depressed..yes it is like being selfish..but thats a main reason.

I agree too. Until we become animals they will not take kindly to us. They would rather see us suffer until death comes.....very late in life.

Yes...I just worry the insurance companies will refuse to pay for treatment. It's much cheaper to hand you a $50 dollar vial and tell you to go push up daisies.

Oh, same here...if I'm debilitated, miserable, and dying anyway, well, at the very least, I'd want to know the option was there. I certainly would do it if I was developing alzheimer's *shudder*.
As I said, I just worry the insurance companies will try to avoid treating people...I already think they do this with older people-stall treatment as long as possible hoping the person dies and they don't have to pay for stuff like chemotherapy and radiation.