Peter.......gone Too Early ,not Soon Enough.

many years ago now, i had a friend peter, whose mother had died of cancer when he was 12, and now at 26 he had cancer of the nymphglobes - i think. Any way his father also got cancer at the same time. Poor peter endured a cruel painful death that was so hard to watch. If only he was allowed to go peacefully without all that pain would have been nice. His father died 2 weeks after him . Peter has a sister who gets checked yearly for cancer

I have also seen ms patients , children who have no real life in them anymore who i think should be allowed to acess this.

It is crueler to keep them alive in suffering and pain than it is to let them go peacefully , happy knowing that they will be remembered  the way they were .Also having this option allows family to be around to say goodbye properly.


kruzerdays kruzerdays
Oct 21, 2008