Unexplained Flashing Lights

it all started when i was pregnant with my first daughter,when i got pregnant iwas more than over the moon, in 1996, as i had suffered quite a few miscarraiges aspecially loosing a boy at 26 weeks, so this was delightful news. but soon comlications started. at 6eeks pregnant i became ill and had to be hospitalised as i could not keep anything down. for two weeks i was having joyert drinks and vitanins plus normal food i was allowed to go home .my weight had returned and started putting on weight and sickness stopped at 6 months i was blooming with raidiance and definatly could not keep myself from eating everything in side .through my pregnancy however i felt someone was with me in spirit my nannan, as id got pregnant and was now wondering if she was watching over me. at 7/half months the worsted was feared by my family and my partner ,and i went into labour, so i had to go to hospital to try and delay it as the babay was not big enough to surive yet and if the baby was there may be lots of problems with been very small. so the doctors gave me some tablets to take all was well till 8 months and i found the tablets had side affects of feeling nausias, so i went back and said i carnt take these any more .the doctor took me off them and check how big the baby was they put me on steroids for a week to make the baby more healthy.i went home again, i was terrified my child would be born too early and woried .but five days before she was born which was the 22nd i prayed that please could someone help my baby and let her be ok.it was that night i was awoke by a strange feeling there outside my window were lights they were not street lights as i got out of bed. i watched them hover above us they were at least 6 to 8 small balls of light in a circle as i looked closer they were pulsating in and out ,i thought this was strange but tryed to accept maybe i was getting help from spirit sending someone to look over me,forthe next four night the lights came i even went to our corner shop then phoned my mum i thought the lights were folowing me ,so i tested it,i walked up the street they were still there they stopped when i did i crossed the road and stopped in the middle where the crossing was they were still above me. i went back home into my house up the stairs they were outside the window i got a strong feeling of oneness at this time on the last day before my daughter was born i started with a few pains ,and i started getting worried i went to sleep hoping for the best ,a voice spoke to me as i closed my eyes and softly said to me your baby is a going to be ok she will be healthy. as i slept i had the most profound dream in which my nannan came to me she said i have someone to show you,and as she came closer she was holding a little girl she said this is your new baby .she had the most bluest eyes id ever seen. i woke up very emotional and at 20 to one my baby was born early hours on the twenty seventh of jan 1996, when the nurse put her in my arms i cryed with so much joy.she looked just like she did in the dreams with blue eyes ,i said to myself who ever you were that came for five nights thankyou. after my daughter was born i knew she was very special and still is along with her sister who i had later but i figured out they were angels or guides that helped me and my kayleigh sot hat things would be ok, and i will always be grateful for what happened and that somethings dont need explaining as the message is very clear.
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hi there yes i can never forget this every time i look at my daughter i remember and feel so grateful.

Very amazing story. You may never know what it was you saw your beautiful was indeed a blessing for you.