Life Is Amusing

Now why i say that....Everyday i find something new which changes my plans abruptly.As exicting as it gets ,i still do not understand the BIG question.why it has happened.Is it meant to be like this ?

I have been planning for a long time on a new project actually ,on my education.But just in a few moments because of communication error, i found myself asking the famous question why me?A lot of negative thoughts came to my mind.I have been putting a lot of effort on this..I just wanna quit.

I took sometime for myself..Then i realised i have done my part. Avoiding the blaming culture ,i have to keep going.Whats the use of crying over split milk.I am not going to acheive anything out of it.I have been truthful to myself all these while so why do i have to stop now.Okay things are bleak but maybe its a lessson to myself to be specific.Thats the lesson i learned today.I am being positive all will work out.Its just amusing to find how musch negative thoughts one can generate within a few moments.But we cannot let it get better of us isnt it? : )
gk31 gk31
26-30, M
Sep 30, 2011