Life is confusing, yet also so clear.


It is unbelievable, but true.


It is lonely and filled with tears, but there are times when the power of love drives all of the shadows away.


I wish I understood the mysteries that life hides from us, but I know that to understand all would take the beauty from life.



Life lets us fly, makes us fall, and picks us up.

It is everything good, and all that is sad.


It’s the nights when it is raining in our souls, and the only things that help us make it through the sadness are the memories of summer, and the hope of spring.


It’s the days when the sun is shining, the warmth of love is felt deep inside of you, and time stops, while still moving on.

It is when nothing matters except for the beauty of the here and now,

and it is in the fleeting moments that never last long enough.


It’s when we feel alive, and the laughter and happiness of everyday beauty seem to encompass everything we are and erase all our doubts.

When the things of the present drift into the past, and the future turns into the present, When a new day dawns in our spirits, and the night fades into the promise of new light.



Life is here. So obvious, yet still forgotten.


It begs us to notice it, to embrace it, and to live it.... before it is too late.



Life is everything we know,



It is so much more then we will ever know.



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That was really good


Aw musicspirirt......that is so nice of you to say!!!!<br />
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Thank you so much!

Thank you for writing this. I'm going to read it everytime I need something to bring me back to my senses and everytime I feel like giving up. <br />
As I said before - you sound so effortlessly inspiring!

Thank you guys for your sweet comments!

Very beautiful story indeed :) Gone recommend it!!! ;)<br />
<br />
Hugs too!!!

With a group name like 'everyone has a purpose' I was ready to blam this poem... but I kinda liked it.<br />
<br />
'Life is here. So obvious, yet still forgotten.' I wish I saw the world as you do. You make it sound so very beautiful.

Beautiful! WOW.

Beautiful thoughts!