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i truly believe this...even about my self most times...but ive been having trouble remembering it...ive tried to tell people this a number of times lately, when i myself have felt like giving up, and it seems like im the source of strength for a lot of people...or maybe not...who knows...but i believe god put everyone on this planet for a reason, and without someone, it would effect some change...and NOT a good change...
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4 Responses Nov 14, 2007

We read that in school. About the dudes who go back in time to shoot a dinosaur that was going to die 3 seconds later, and one dude gets scared and runs back to the van but steps off the path and kills a cell or someting and when they get back dinosaurs are in the future. It is called Last Step. =)

i think every person is like a piece in a puzzle...without every single piece, the picture is never complete...and its just annoying when you cant find that last piece...i mean, i know when im doing a puzzle and ive finished it and have one piece left it drives me nuts..its just ugly without the whole picture...same holds true for people... :) even the pieces that look like poo need to be there because without them the whole picture cant be seen..X_X

omg butyou know what im talking about?? omg im not crazy...i was like walking around today and thinking oh god i hope that wasnt one of my crazy dreams...lol...i read it in class back in like freshman year of high school..i just remember it cuz it scared the crap out of me...im pretty sure i havent killed any bugs since then, i just make my mom do it for me...LOL

i wish i could think of the title of the book, i read this story once and it was about this group of people on some sort of a safari-ing type thing, and they had to walk along this path, and never step off, and someone stepped off, and killed a butterfly i think, and everything in the future waschanged just because of that one death..like an animal didnt get to eat it, and that animal eventually died, which caused another animal to be hungry and die, which went all the way up to the humans..i just think it applies to everyone.